Follow the Flow from California to London

In 2014, California artist Linda Ryan was faced with preparing for an upcoming exhibition with her painting hand in a cast.  Rather than cancel, she chose to move away from the abstract figurative work she is known for and challenged herself with creating art using gravity, flow and Liquitex Pouring Medium, to capture luminous “stopped” movement.

Ryan found the process and results so exciting that she reduced her employed hours in order to focus on her art, and is taking 20+ new pour paintings to exhibit at the Parallax Art Fair in London the last weekend of July.

“Flow” Acrylic Pouring Medium on Cradled Board copyright 2014 Linda Ryan

“It’s a bit challenging,” says Ryan, “The medium is opaque while it’s workable. You have to have a good visual memory to recall what is on the under-layers, understand how your pigments react in the medium and with each other, and stop the movement at just the right time to create a strong composition.”  But, she adds, when it works, they come alive with motion and depth.  And when it doesn’t work?  Ryan adds another layer, or two, or three, or sands them down and starts again.

“Time4.0” Acrylic Pour Painting on Cradled Board Copyright 2015 Linda Ryan

Ryan will be traveling to London to exhibit Flow 2.0, her newest pour art, at the Parallax Art Fair at the Old Chelsea Town Hall, King’s Road, the last weekend in July 2015 and exhibits at ArtSanDiego in early November.

Ryan is an award–winning artist whose work is in collections across the States and in Europe. In 2014, Ryan received an Arts Leadership Award through her County’s Arts Commission. She has created and managed many arts events and exhibitions in the East San Francisco Bay Area, and has managed the Bothwell Arts Center, a project of the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center, for 9 years.


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